Interiors in Lisbon

Traveling is one of my great passions. The trip open my mind, I connect with people, languages unknown fascinate me and put me in touch more deeply with the smile of those I meet. When I travel for work all it becomes more engaging. This is a story of friendship in a city I love, Lisbon, where research it tastes really fascinating. And the story of a beautiful house, I work for quite some time. Now the main part is over and also the apartment that will soon be available on Airbnb. Some shots of this search for objects, put together to create an atmosphere that speaks of the history of this country and its infinite influences, of yesterday and today.

green lamps from the second-hand shop
kitchen from Gezothe fireplace on the terraceBirds for the terracewaiting for the tablethe bathroom is paintedsleep wellthe light from Gezo

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